After the Storm

There is a surplus of energy being released by Mother Earth at this time, and right after the total solar eclipse, there are Forest fires right now and we have just seen two of the biggest Hurricanes in a while, we are now moving thru the aftermath of those two storms and before I move forward I would like to extend my love and light to all of those affected in Texas  the Caribbean Islands, and to my dear friends in Florida, I lived in Miami for 10 years and it really hit close to home as I have many friends and loved ones down there.

We are all feeling the effects even if we are not near the affected areas, for this was an energetic clearing, so it affects us all as a collective and as a country when our fellow countrymen go through tragedies like this losing all that they have, and not to mention the loss of life.

This clearing that I speak of is the energetic clearing that happens after such a great event like the total  Solar eclipse, where an energetic shift happens and the consciousness of the collective is awakened in such a powerful way, as you all know Gaia (Earth) is  a living organism with its own consciousness as well and as we shift, so does she, and in order for her to clear lodged dark energy she has to shake it of her, so storms and all other clearing natural disasters happen as she gets rid of surplus energy, so it is now our turn as a collective to clear our own dark energy, past, and present pain.

During the weekend as Irma was starting to hit us I started feeling down, depressed and pain that I have forgotten about, thoughts that I have not had in 10 years started surfacing and it hit me hard, as last week I found out that my Mother’s health was declining and that she was not doing well, she lives in Paraguay and I live in NYC, this makes it very difficult for me with her being thousands of miles away. So I hit what I call a “Dark Night of The Soul” and dark negative thoughts overtook me, they came up to be dealt with and clear once and for all, as Irma was destroying everything in her path, I received the message that I had to do the same, clear and destroy the unnecessary pain that I no longer need to grow spiritually, so all that needed to be taken care of started surfacing and much like the storm, I was dealing with one of the biggest internal storms that I had in a while, and I know that all of you are going through it as well physically and mentally as well, because we are clearing as a collective, we are all interconnected and this dark stormy period is necessary for clearing the old and bringing in the new, for if we do not do introspective work we will not experience the evolution that we so desperately need as a race and as a collective. The Planet and her inhabitants are in desperate need for evolution and a radical change.

Much of the human destructive behavior is continuing and those conscious and awakened need to get to work if we have any chance to survive as a species, corporations continue to pollute our waters, creating more smog and more electronic pollution, we keep consuming and not thinking of the consequences of our consumerism, we create more political unrest to keep people distracted from the real enemy, we create ideas of war so that we can continue creating more fear to the masses to keep everyone unconscious and asleep, we cannot make the Sheeple wake up, because they are buying everything that we sell them blindly, they keep buying what we sell them on the media continuing to perpetrate the crimes that the Elite started so that they can continue to get rich and have slaves working for them, while in the meantime we will completely destroy our home Planet, and not even caring to leave a clean world for our own children which we are supposed to protect and love unconditionally.

We are the change, so it is time for those of you who still sleep to wake up and join us in saving our Planet, which ultimately means saving ourselves as a species and saving our Mother, who has forgiven her children for their bad behavior like any mother would, but she cannot hold much longer. I had a client today that has the most beautiful Baby boy with the most beautiful eyes that I have seen in a while, and when I look at that beautiful face I want to say I am sorry to him for we are leaving him a world ravaged by pollution and deforestation, were we play war to see who is the biggest and the baddest, and we sell goods that we know that we know that people don’t really need, creating more waste.

So unfortunately through disasters we get awakened back up to our humanity and we extend love and solidarity to our fellow humans because we truly are a collective, if one of us suffers, we all suffer. So my heart and all my love goes to those affected by the storms and the fires, we love you all, and we are with you through this hard times, and please know that we are with you through it all, we will never let another fellow human suffer anymore, it is time to destroy the old structures and create new loving ones that will save our Planet and our children and their children.

Wake up my loves, wake up.

I love you all!


-Ariel Vega

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