Awakening to Ascension (New Earth/Golden Age)

In the past few months I have been told by many clients and friends that they have been experiencing many different or very strange occurrences in their lives, some have reported seeing flashing lights in their room, other keep seeing synchronistic numbers such as 11:11, 2:22, 1:11 as well as experiencing serendipitous events in their lives.

I am here to explain the process of Ascension to what I understand and also I will be channeling this message from my Higher Self as well.

Ascension is not what you think of as you rising up to the heavens in a white Unicorn or a Bridge of light carrying you up to God. What Ascension means is that you are rising up in  vibrational frequency and your ego and your higher self are uniting so that you are becoming the best and the real version of yourself. As you all know we Have left the age of Pisces and so the dark ages of the Earth are now disappearing, humanity went through the dark period for learning purposes, organized religion took over humanity, death and wars were perpetrated in the name of God and religion, in the name of patriotism where people were celebrated as heroes when all that they did was murder fellow humans in the name of their nation, their religion and for self serving purposes, we needed those lessons of duality to learn and discern right from wrong.

As we move into the new era, the Earth is rising in vibration and the Schumann resonance is ridiculously higher just in the last few years telling us that even Earth’s vibration and magnetic pull are changing, so as we move into this new Earth we are being woken up. So those who were not believers in the past are seeing flashes of light in their bedroom, some are starting to see numeric messages and so on, why is this happening? Well most of us before incarnating set up a date for our alarm clocks to go on, if you are alive right now this means that you knew that you were coming to witness this beautiful event, so you are being woken up so that you can get a front seat into this beautiful occurrence.

As most of you have seen in the past few years people are starting to wake up as far as what they do not want to put into their bodies, so the old antiquated food industry had to do serious changes into their ingredients and people are starting to move into organic foods free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and heavy metals. People are waking up about the corrupt Pharmaceutical Industry and the side effects of vaccines, people are starting to wake up to Main Stream Media and their propagandist content, always alarmist, pessimistic, sad and pushing the agendas of the 1% Elites. We are waking up to the idea that we are the change, not some old Politician living a comfortable lifestyle completely out of touch with the people and receiving bribes and incentives from the corrupt and broken Pharmaceutical, Food, Health and other industries that profit from human suffering.

So this is Ascension, we are walking up because we are the change, we are waking up because Earth is Ascending  herself, we are moving into the era of enlightenment and into the new era of peace, abundance and prosperity were we will learn our new lessons in peace and harmony as a collective human race with no borders, colors, religion, or any of the old labels that people used in the past to catalog and categorized others.

The New Earth has actually started and the absolute chaos that you are all witnessing is the actual collapse of the old realities, so it will be messy for a while, chaotic, but this is the old realities collapsing on themselves, remember that most of the politicians are old and they will eventually die of old age, most of them are already, and the new, younger more awakened politicians will start taking over and the system will rectify itself in time, but from where I am standing, I am seeing the changes and I am very pleased, we are no longer letting the old Elite destroy the planet fro profit, denying people of resources that should be free in the first place, starving families in the process, denying children of the most basic needs, starving them, polluting our waters and not only senselessly killing animals but their own fellow humans in the process, the world now knows who the Elites are, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Walton family, George Zoros, and other families that single handedly hold the world economy in their sick and twisted hands.

They can no longer operate in secret as they did in the past, so they cannot hide anymore, people are waking up world wide and the changes are very clear to see, so as we ascend as a race and as a planet we are seeing the beauty of the process while the old paradigm collapses and destroys itself. We are moving into the future Earth, and that is what this Ascension is, we are raising our vibratory frequencies spiritually while we are alive in a human body, so I am afraid that we will not be rising up to heaven in a white Unicorn, but I am so happy to be alive today to witness the birth of the New Gaia (Earth). To witness the graduation of all of this beautiful souls into our new advance school of learning that the New Earth is. So welcome new graduates! Let’s make this a beautiful learning school for us humans and for all of the inhabitants of earth.

And for those who are still asleep, this article is your wake up call, wake up beautiful souls!

I love you! And have a fantastic weekend!


-Ariel Vega

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