Become aware of your space


Hello Love Tribe! I was watching a combination of Bentinho massaro and Eckhart Tolle videos on YouTube one day after work and in one of the videos Eckhart Tolle spoke about being aware of our space or better said the space that we are in.

When we are aware of the space that we are in, and this is in my personal opinion and what I felt when I started practicing it, when I became aware of the space that I was in my entire sensory perception changed! I started to feel with my entire body, my entire being, and the best part is that you become present, so you bring yourself into the now!

You automatically connect with your higher self or soul as you do so. When you become aware of your space you are no longer future or past projecting, therefore there is the absence of the Ego.

You then become better equipped at dealing with things from a higher perspective, that means better decisions! And also that puts you automatically in the best timeline for the lessons to be learned, what that m and is that when you connect to your higher self, or spirit, soul you are aware and calm so when I lesson or situation arises then you know that it is just a lesson and you look at it from a point of gratitude and not from a reactionary point of view. You automatically check it before you wreck it! Per say.

So become aware of your space now, try it! You’ll be so happy you did!

I love all so much!

-Ariel Vega

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