Hello Love Tribe! I am now offering these services:

-Standard 1 hour Tarot/ Oracle card reading $101 (Great for quick questions and to see what is the best course of action for any issues that you are facing, great insight and excelent acuracy and great for helping you make a decision)

-The Art of manifesting (three 1 hour sessions) $333 (Start creating the life that you always wanted and learn to get out of your own way, this is done in three 1 hour sessions)

-Personal Development coaching 1 hour $111 (this is best if done with  follow up sessions)*

-Shadow work (Healing) $155 (This healing is one hour, what makes this a great healing is that we work on issues that you have put in the dark and you are not dealing with, this is great for healing past wounds such as childhood trauma, sexual trauma, traumatic breakups or divorce, health issues and so on. It is one of my favorite techniques as with this healing technique you feel like you have finally dealt with the issues in a healthy and productive way, and you feel 1000lb lighter wich each session, i recommend a few sessions)*

-Water and sound healing therapy 1 hour 155$ ( This is to heal health issues such as illness or chronic pain)*

-Energetic healing/clearing 30 minutes 77$ (Clear your Aura and energy field from any negative attachments, great for recovering from addiction as well)*

*Not a Psychologist or Psychiatrist, please seek professional help if needed.

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