Dear John

When we love unconditionally with all of our heart we truly love, if someone leaves our life because the lesson that they where bringing into your life culminated, it is ok to feel sad when they leave, but wouldn’t it be more appropriate to celebrate what they brought into your life! Celebrate them and send them absolute love. Let your guides and the Universe know that you are grateful for the beautiful experience! After all they helped you orchestrate the whole thing and created the synchronicities that led you to the person!

Also this means that you are opened to love and that love is ever flowing! So more love is on the way! And so it is!

The celebration truly means that you are opening space for a new love to come into your life!

So today dear John, I thank you for the beautiful lessons, and I do remeber the great times that we had! I love you, and I celebrate our time together! Thank you for being in my life! And now I release you. In this game we call life we can choose how to learn our lessons, we can learn through suffering, or we can learn through love, the latter is easier because even if we are in pain, we can learn that we are capable of being love, but when we choose to learn from suffering we elongate the healing process, and to tell you the truth in all honesty, you never heal, because the biggest part of healing is to love and forgive, then and only then we truly heal!

You see dear John, I left the suffering paradigm years ago, and I choose to love, and learn with love from now on! I love you! Goodbye my love!

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