Do you know who you really are?

Do you really know who you are?

When was the last time that you stopped and thought: Who am I? What do I like? What do I hate? Why am I here? And then quickly brushed it off as being a ridiculous thought, and told yourself that you are doing the right logical thing, then grabbed a snack from the fridge and started watching HBO, or the game, or the real housewives.

Here is my question: why do you lie to yourself? What exactly are you accomplishing doing that? If you really stopped watching TV for 20 minutes, just closed your eyes and meditate, it is only 20 minutes! Why are you so scared of finding out who you truly are? Is it really that scary?! I did the same, and yes, all this questions came to my mind, like: If I really do what I love, how will I make money? Will I make money right away? and so on and so forth.

Well, I started doing the logical thing, so I basically took the longer road, but to tell you the truth it was so worth it! The lessons learned along the way where incredible, and hold such immense value!!! I cannot tell you enough that they are priceless, but I digress.

I decided to give up on a career of almost 20 years, but I was so happy to close that chapter in my life that I wasn’t really looking back at all, I finally went full speed ahead, I wasn’t happy doing what I did, so I decided to just do what I really wanted to do! But it wasn’t easy at first, so I do understand that it is difficult and maybe scary for some to find out that you really hate your job and you want to do something else! But the reality is that the sooner that you do it, the better! On the other hand, you might be doing what you love to do already, but are having issues with your relationships, it really is not much to ask for a minimum of 20 minutes a day to just asses where you are right now and ask those questions that you have been putting off for so many years!

I will give you an easy way to start:

First say your name out loud, then start describing yourself, then what you do, then what you love and then what you hate. All of us have a smart phone nowadays, so turn on the voice memo recorder and record all of this, if you do not have a smart phone use your computer, when you finish, play it back and see if you believe everything that you said and if you truly sounded convincing then you are probably fine, but I know that most of you will stumble on your words or have a hard time finding the words to say, well that is ok, because it is time to look at what were your decisions to be where you are right now, did you choose your career because it would make your parents happy? Do you stay in that relationship that is abusive verbally because you don’t want to be alone? And you feel that you are not enough so better the devil you know? Really?! So you want to truly live the rest of your life a slave to what others expect you to be?

Here is the good news, it is never too late to do what you really like to do! And yes, when you do what you truly love, the money follows, maybe you want to do something that affects an entire community and suddenly you are helping, not just your small community but the human collective as well. Something to think about.

So… do you really know yourself?

I hope that you all have an amazing weekend!

I love you all!

-Ariel Vega


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