How can we stop judging?


Hello Love Tribe!

I was walking into Barnes & Noble to look at new Vinyl Records, and I stopped at the Self-Help table to look at books quickly, when thi sone book that I have seen a million times before Calle “judgment Detox” by Gabrielle Bernstein called me and so I had to buy it. I guess that I was ready in my journey and that it finally was the time to read it, I highly recommend it! It is a fantastic read!

As I started o tread it, it started resonating with me so strongly and I understood right away that I was at the point in my journey where I had to get rid of old habits, judging myself, situations and people was one of the things that was the hardest for me to get rid of!

I constantly found my self judging someone elses experience, judging myself for not doing something or for doing something, I realized that the cycle that has been conditioned into all of us needed to be finally broken, so I started getting into the book more, mind you, I am only on chapter 2, so here is my humble take on judgement, and please pick up this book, it is an amazing read!

What my personal experience with judgement is that I constantly used judgment so that I would not try something new, I’ll give you an example, I would say that from the looks of it it didn’t look like a lucrative experience, and that I wouldn’t make enough money on it and I would leave it, not knowing that it was something that I had to do, not for the money but for the learning and to be of service to others. I would always judge my own physical appearance and therefore judge that of others, when we realize that we are trapped in a neverending cycle of judgement we realize that we where slaves to it, and that in doing so we denied ourselves of new experiences, of loving others and being compassionate towards them as well, therefore lacking compassion towards ourselves!!!

One of the reasons for me stopping to drink and going to Bars or Clubs was that for me it was painful to witness the judgement and to witness my own judgement towards others. I stopped socializing for three years now because I had to find myself in this journey first, and to do that I had to do it alone. But that was the answer at the time, i needed solitude to find true love for myself and to understand the mechanics of who I truly I am. As I started to crave more human interaction I realized that one of the things that I ad to work on was on judging others or most important judging myself in new social situations  and that I no longer wanted to participate in ill gossip, I became aware of energy and I can now detect the power of intention behind words, so there are certain energetics that I can no longer be around, and if I do the same I can feel my energy drop and get muddled.

We judge others in order to feel superior to them or their journey, not knowing that it is their journey and that they are going through an important lesson in their life and that we have to respect their journey as much as we respect ours. Observing without judgement is key, and also detachment is very important, wgy do I say that? Well, if you do not want to participate or get imvolved is important because sometimes we have to let others learn to grow spiritually without our interference in the matter, as if we get involved we take on their karmic responsability and we make it our own, therefore the person may not learn their lesson and be forced to go through the same cycle again in the future. So it is very important to just observe and send them unconditional love as they go through it and remain detached, you are then doing them the greatest favor and you are truly helping, if you get involved you are actually amking matters worse and you are of no help.

Now when it comes to self-judgement, we do that so that we never leave our confort zone and the square that we put ourselves in, when in reality we should be experiencing life fully with zero restrictions, we judge ourselves because we are conditioned in a society based in fear to look a certain way, have a certain status, career and so we become slaves to a broken system, break out of that system and understand that there is only perfection in the imperfections and that ever elusive search that we are all in to be perfect is nothing but an illusion and a marketing plot! That is crazy!!!!! Get out of that toxic cycle and begin to live your life authentically! And fudge what anyone else thinks of you, your experience is individualized for a reason, no one but you can experience your life, so comparing yourself to others is insane!!! And the last of the judgemnet culprits that I want to talk about is faith, religion and countries, we judge others for their religion, their faith, or their country of origin, their skin color etc. Noreligion is better than another, no faith is better than another, no country is better than another, it is all an illusion, we are all one, and we should beging living as one, no skin color is better, no sexual orientaion is better than another, everyone is free to experiece their journey as they please without judgment!

Love is the natural state of the human race, but we have been conditioned to judge in order to create the illusion of separation, but as the word says it is just an illusion not a reality. Love yourself most importantly and you will find the key to love others, as the love that you show yourself is the love that you will give others! I love you all!!!

-Ariel Vega

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