How to stop aging NOW!

Did you just buy a 300$ anti-aging cream, and spent ridiculous amounts on Botox and fillers? Why?! Do you really think that is the way to stop aging?! Yes they will temporarily slow down the process but aging is a natural process and before I continue with the article, you are beautiful at any age!!! Someone needs to stop the madness!

Well, did you ever stop to think that you are actually the one to blame for aging? The answer to that is yes, the body is supposed to age, but not as rapidly as we do in our society, the body is a live organism so we do age, now, why do we age so fast is what we are talking about today. We live in a society were our fight or flight mechanism is constantly on, we are surrounded by stress, therefore we are experiencing faster cellular degeneration, we do not stop, so we are pushing our bodies and minds to the limit, we drink alcohol that is a form of poisoning your system, we lack sleep and some don’t exercise or do any physical activities, so our bodies deteriorate at a much rapid rate that they should be! I know what you are going to say, I already know all of this. So my question is: Why do keep doing those things then? Is it some form of self-punishment? We consume processed food that has zero nutritional value like it is the normal thing to do. So those are the common aggressors we all know, but keep on doing even though we know the consequence of treating our bodies like a garbage disposal.

So we already know these things right? Yes. Now let’s talk about what ages you even more than environmental aggressors or consumption of toxics. Let’s talk about why are we really aging ourselves.

I am sure that by now you have all heard of the law of attraction, so what does the law of attraction say? That what you are at the moment you attract the same, if you are vibrating at a higher frequency rate, you will attract the same, but if you are vibrating lower that is what you attract, so what does that have to do with aging? I’ll tell you, it has everything to do with it! When you say, I am not as young as I used to be, what do you think happens?! You will automatically attract all the things that will make you feel old!!! When you say I used to be so skinny when I was younger, you will never lose the weight and you will feel older automatically, because what you say gets created for you! Remember that words are spells, everything that you say gets tailor made for you, for you are the creator of your own realities!

So here is the biggest culprit as far as aging, you, your big mouth and your negative thoughts manifest your own aging!

So here are a few phrases to substitute the negative affirmations that you say about yourself on an everyday basis:

-I look amazing for my age!

-I don’t feel much of a difference with my body, it still feels the same as when I was 20.

-I have great skin, and I still look great!

-I feel healthier than I ever did!

-I feel so sexy.

These are a few examples of little mantras that you should start saying everyday, but in order for them to work you do have to believe it! Even if you are not feeling that great that day! Just say them, you will see the results faster than you think! Within a week you should start seeing the physical changes! Now here is another one that ages you faster than you think, having fear of aging!!!! What you resist persists! The more fear you have the more you will manifest things that bring that fear about! Love yourself at any age, you are beautiful and sexy at any age! Do not fear something that is natural and beautiful, aging is beautiful, you are telling the world how beautiful you are and how much you have experienced!

So stop fearing aging, embrace it! Love it! Love yourself now at any age! And stop manifesting your own aging, and start manifesting a more youthful, healthier, infinitely more loving you! Start taking time for yourself and truly do some self-healing, meditation and Yoga always help, take up hobbies that really make you happy, and most important let go of all fears!

I love you all! Lots of love!!!


-Ariel Vega

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