Love Obsessed

I woke up this morning and I received a message, I started seeing why do we become “Love Obsessed“ as a collective, well…is it love? Or is it romanticizing?

 As I observe our society we are very prone to romanticize not only our partners but situations and places as well, we become nostalgic of the past as we say “in the good ol’ days” as if today is disappointing and it is not good at all, things in the past were better, so we romanticize the past. 

We watched “Sleepless in Seattle” a million times and think that love is that way, so we run into constant disappointment with our partners because they are not like the movie, they are not romantic enough,

In reality that is not only fiction but it also is a very packaged and curated version of what love is! Unconditional love is that, unconditional, we learn to love our partners, lovers, friends and family members for who they are and we stop trying to change them, then you are learning to love unconditionally, and listen, if you decide that the relationship is not satisfying enough then leave the relationship, people don’t have to change for us, we are the change, if we don’t like something then leave, if being in a situation or relationship that is making you uncomfortable then you are supposed to leave, remember you are the change.

I have clients that come to me for tarot readings and keep asking about the same person over and over, some have been chasing the same person for years, but no relationship yet! Most people would have left when they saw that things weren’t going anywhere, so why do this clients still want an outcome with someone they clearly know is not that into them? Well, the answer is very clear, they are not really in love with the person, they are in love with the dynamic, they are comfortable in the suffering, and addicted to the chase, and deep down they don’t believe that they deserve any better.  

And I am culpable of that! A few years ago I dated this guy for a short period of time and when we broke up I became obsessed with him and it took almost three years to release the idea of him, and I remember the faithful day that this tarot reader told me, this guy and you are never going to get back together! And I am so grateful to her as she took me out of my madness, and there began my spiritual awakening, and I am so glad it all happened the way it did and I am eternally thankful to this guy as he became one of my greatest teachers, I thank Mr. R for what he facilitated for me!

All of this happened in 2014, and it opened me up to learn love unconditionally again! I forgave my parents once and for all and  learned to love them for who they are, and many more times were I learned to forgive and I learned to love again but most importantly  I learned that I am love and that it doesn’t exist outside of me! I love everyone in my life, my friends and all of my clients, my family and all of those whom I come across synchronistically. 

We are love, all of us and we exist in love, it is time for us to stop looking for love outside of ourselves and let true love come into my life, our perfect partner will find us the moment that we find ourselves!

I love you all!!!

Ariel Vega

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