Money gurus….

I was on youtube the other night watching some ascension videos when one of this Money Gurus who now own a mansion commercial appears, you know the ones that I am talking about.

I am here once and for all to debunk this Money Gurus once and for all.

This so called financial experts always end up getting you into more debt, so you end up getting suckered into falling back into a financial system that is clearly flawed, you end ups paying more interests and end up getting into more debt because you are trying to obtain a lifestyle that it is nothing but an illusion, you get trapped by it because they sell you this idea that your status is what makes you whole as as person, so you are sold into another ego trap, when you get there you soon find out that you are now entrapped and that you owe all of this financial institutions and that you are now more stressed, older and very unhappy, so you resort into social or prescription drugs, alcohol and all other temporary sedatives that will only mask the stress for so long, but when it does come back it comes back bigger than before because at one point those sedatives stop working.

So what happens next? You blame everyone around you and all the relationships that you build along the way when you were making this so called success strides financially, that were also build in illusions, you start finding them unsatisfactory and you lash out, so you look for the next hit on your financial success drug, but it no longer feels like the first time, like most drugs, so the next thing you know your relationships suffer, you are no longer finding the success that you once had, and you are right back were you started, unhappy with your life but this time you have money, but you are exactly were you where when you started your journey into this so called success.

So, this is what you need to ask yourself. How do I measure success?

Do you measure success by how much financial success you had? By how much property you have bought? Do you measure by being recognized or by fame? True success is measured by the universal rule, Love, how much did you love, and how much love did you truly experience in this life? That is how you truly measure success.

Did you love your children and showed the love and affection when they needed you the most? Did you love and support your partner to the best of your abilities, were you there when they needed you the most? Were you there for your family when they need it you? Think about it really well before you answer any of this questions.

You are actually a success in the eyes of those that love you! And the ones that are pushing you to be something else are projecting onto you their perception of themselves not being successful, so we love to push others to do what we were not courageous enough to do ourselves, so do not let anyone else change your perception of who you truly are! You are perfect as you are! Yes, can you make better money? Of course! Leave that job that you hate once and for all, do what you truly love! You will find a way to do what you love and get paid for it! You are resourceful, I believe in you, so should you! If you still your mind and listen to your intuition you will soon find that job that is fulfilling and that you love to do, as you see, we go back to the Universal rule LOVE.

As you follow intuition and love, you will never be lead astray, and then and only then your life will be truly successful!

I love you! Have a great weekend!

-Ariel Vega


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