Radical Acceptance


What is Radical Acceptance? Radical acceptance is accepting your current situation as is, and being grateful for it!

You must be crazy, you say! That is being complaisant!

NO it is not, being complaisant is not taking steps to better your life and just staying exactly where you are! Radical acceptance means that you are accepting where you are and are grateful for it.

Why would I be grateful for it? My life is a mess right now!

Yes, you might think that it is but I assure you that it is not! Remember that our life is a direct reflection of who we are inside, with that said, as long as you think that you are not good enough to yourself, that you need this and you need that to better yourself and your situation and you keep having an internal struggling than you keep sinking faster in that quick sand that is your mind and you keep trapping yourself even more rendering you powerless and so you cannot move forward and so you stay in this status quo, and everything remains the same, nothing ever changes, so you blame your life decisions, your partner, your co-workers, your family members and that way you avoid taking responsibility therefore perpetuating you victimhood hoping that someone someday will save you, like the people that spend hundreds of dollars playing the lottery, wishing that one day they will be rich, to no merit of their own but just by gambling in a game of chance, so they squander their money in lottery tickets.

So nas you can see, the game of life can trap you in it if you don’t become a player, if you stand on the sideline claiming to be a victim of your circumstances then you will never move ahead on the game.

You see, we try to find everyone else at fault in order to feel better about our current situation, so we watch reality TV shows and read gossip columns thinking that this people are a mess, so we feel better about our own mess, yet this mess of ours keeps growing, and then one day it becomes a monster that cannot be tamed, so we resort back into being a victim, so the cycle begins again, so there is your status quo, you are back where you started.

So how do I get out of the cycle? 

For starters you need to accept and embrace your current situations, for it is you who put yourself in it in the first place! So, be grateful for the lessons that you have learned so far in the journey to be where you are , and the lessons that your current situations give you, you might not be able to change things today or even tomorrow, but in a month your life might be completely different, and you are taking something with you that has no monetary value! It is invaluable!!! You are taking all that you have learned so far with you! So, your life is not only getting better in all aspects but it also made you a better person, because finally you have matured spiritually, and you are taking full responsibility.

So while you are grateful for being where you are, start making a mental map as to where you want your life to go, where it is that you need to learn your new lessons, what comforts do you need for your new journey, what would bring peace and love back into my personal relationships, and most important what tools do I need to love and forgive myself. Something to think about!

Remember at all times that you are always complete at any moment, that nothing is there to punish you or torture you, but remember that you put it there so that you can learn your lesson and become a better person! Don’t be a victim, take your power back!

Practice Radical Acceptance!

I love you all! Lots of love!


-Ariel Vega

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