The Rise of The Divine Feminine

Ever since I was a child I was surrounded by very strong women, the Universe was grooming me into my spiritual journey by discovering my divine feminine and integrating it with my divine masculine so that both can exist within me in perfect balance, as challenging as it was growing up an very soft spoken effeminate boy in a very latin macho society my divine feminine was challenged, I frankly never cared, I stood up to the bullies and I had very sweet understanding friends that always protected me and parents that even though were dysfunctional they were very loving and affectionate so I was in a sense protected and loved so it gave me a very solid foundation to cultivate and integrate my divine feminine, which was the most important part of my spiritual journey!

As I mentioned before I was surrounded by very strong women, growing up in a jewish household that was very matriarchal. My mother was in charge of the finances she had the last say as to how money was to be spent, and when my grandmother spoke everybody listened, she always had something wise to say, we called it her kitchen Kabbalah, she always said careful what you say, it will come true! little did I know she was already teaching me about the law of attraction! I always saw women as this beautiful sublime creatures with a quiet strength, I never really thought that there was a difference between a man and a woman, just that the equipment was different! There was really not a difference in my eyes, women possessed masculine traits and men possessed feminine traits as well, so what is the big deal? Well, as I grew older and started understanding the inner workings of this society I started to see the broken pattern, I realized that we live in a patriarchal society where women are oppressed, repressed, and over sexualized and denied of their divine right to the authentic power of their divine right, and men denied to explore their own divine right to the feminine as well, we use things like boys don’t cry, exploring your emotions is gay and so on an so forth, creating men who not only repress their feminine divine right but also deny women of theirs by objectifying them, repressing them and treating them like second class citizens.

Look at relationships right now, most men marry their mothers, they chose their partners to do the emotional processing for them and take care of them, and women marry their fathers because of the false societal belief that they need to be taken care of! With the unhealthy feminine comes the unhealthy masculine which is the world that we live in, an unhealthy view of the divine masculine, so we conquer, we create wars, we create profit from suffering, we take natural resources and we destroy them because as a society we treat the divine feminine as a the enemy and we suppress it, we falsely believe that being emotional and validating others emotions is a sign of weakness! WHAT?! It is a sad state of affairs. Luckily there is a very big influx of feminine energy at the moment, specially last month we had a very big influx of feminine energy, so take a moment to absorb these energies and start healing the feminine within us so that we can have a healthy balanced spiritual journey, this is a responsibility for all of us, we are the change and it is in our hands to change the world for the better!

So men remember that women are the keepers of the portal, no new souls can come into this world without them! Love and respect them as your equals, and it is ok to use your intuition, and no you are not gay or weak for acknowledging your emotions and the emotions of others, fuck logic! Use your intuition! It is part of your divine birthright. And women, rise! We need your power right now! Rise up to your power and break the chains that enslaved you in  this patriarchal oligarchy, claim your power once more divine creatures, do not let them victimize you anymore, we need your strength now, we need you!!!

Let’s anchor this new energies in, let’s welcome the feminine divine once more, for this world is in desperate need of unconditional love and compassion! I want to dedicate this to my grandmother who was and continues to be my rock and the light shinning ever so bright in my spiritual path, Abue I love you! Thank you!

Lots of love! I love you all!!!!!


-Ariel Vega

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