Welcome Love Tribe to the new Earth!

We are entering the new era and it is becoming extremely clear that the changes that we all expected for so long are taking effect! The world stage is becoming extremely bizarre and politics are turning into a Circus, not only here in the US but also worldwide there is a change that you can clearly see! Reality is starting to collapse on itself and people are starting to lose interest on the news and like I mentioned before politics are becoming circusy and it is clear now that it is being run by a bunch of absolute clowns, people are finally starting to see the old paradigm for what it is, an illusion.

We are moving back into the tribal mentality, what I mean by that is that we are increasingly becoming more aware of our immediate environment and becoming more aware of our communities, we are finally starting to lose the self serving mentality and moving into the more being of service, we now understand that it is not a Dog eat Dog world and that idea no longer applies, we now see the farce, that was sold to us so that we can continue depending on a broken system without questioning it, but finally we understand that this broken system is now completely without hope of repair and instead of trusting this politicians who are clearly self serving, we are becoming that change that we so desperately need! The Hero and the Victim mentality no longer apply, we are no longer thinking that our local senator will bring change into our neighborhoods and we are starting to do the work, we volunteer and we become proud members of our Tribe. By helping within our communities we are becoming the heroes and we are no longer waiting on a system that is obsolete and antiquated, fancy words for broken.

So we are becoming a tribe once again! Like our proud ancestors, the tribes that once spanned the world, they were the people of the earth, the shamans, the healers and the sages. We are increasingly becoming aware of what we eat or what we feed our children, what is GMO? What are the health implications of consuming certain chemicals? We are awakening, we are questioning what is being sold to us, and what we provide for our families, what can we do to better the local schools? Teach our children about diversity, tolerance, and unconditional love. When you look at all this factors, do you finally see how our tribes work?

Last summer, I was leaving for work when I saw that one of the neighbors was planting flowers under the Tree in front of my house! And I of course thanked her! But then I asked her why was she doing that? She replied, I want our block to look beautiful! And so she was looking out not only for her place but for the entire block! You see how this works? Every small deed creates a ripple effect and soon you start to see this things in a bigger scale! And so do not ever think that your deeds go unnoticed, we need all of you to start participating and helping this beautiful Tribe! We need all of you! I know I say that all the time in everyone of my blogs, but frankly I don’t think I say it enough! So again, we need you!!!

Welcome to the future! the new Earth!


I love you all!


-Ariel Vega

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