When Love takes over…

Hello Lovers! I woke up this morning after a very deep sleep, it has been a while since I slept so deeply! I felt So groggy when I woke up and I kept hitting the snooze button, it was laborious waking up, made it to the kitchen and made some coffee as if I was still in a sleep trance!

On my way to work, I had a second cup of coffee and started waking up I suddenly got hit with this amazing loving feeling, I was looking at my fellow subway riders and feeling love for everyone in the cart with me, I found a strange beauty in all of them, and I had no idea of who they were, no background story, I just looked at everyone with a loving stare!

I then thought to myself, OMG! They are all going to think that I am crazy or worst yet, that I am coming on to them!

I looked back up again and no one even noticed.

This felt so strange, foreign, but it felt deliciously good! And it felt natural! Not romantic or sexual at all!   When I got home I realized when I looked at the calendar that today is the Summer Solstice.

This Solstice is coming in very powerful and very loving energies, very feminine loving energies! I found myself suddenly and again in love with everything and everyone, and most importantly with this journey.

It is time to bask in this beautiful loving energies, and time to welcome the changes that this beautiful Solstice is bringing!


I love you all! No, really, it is not just the Solstice energies talking! Haha!



-Ariel Vega

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