Why is the law of attraction so damn hard?

Are you getting stuck with your manifestation? Is it really hard to manifest exactly what you need? Are you attracting bad things to you? Yes the law of attraction can suck sometimes, we even attract the wrong people and the wrong circumstances at times. Why does that happen you ask? Well, for starters as you all know the Law of Attraction is that you attract exactly what your vibration level is, so if you are in a very negative state of mind, if you are upset or if you feel depressed you will manifest things that will make you even more depressed, if anger is the issue, then you will manifest more things that will make you angry, and so on and so forth.
So how do we prevent this from happening you say? Well, if you are angry, find a quiet place immediately and remove yourself from the situation that made you angry, take 5 deep breaths and center yourself, but most important is that you understand that you are never a victim and that was just a lesson that the Universe sent to you and that you need to understand what the lesson was about, when you put yourself in the position of power again and you understand that you were not a victim but that it was a very important lesson that you had to learn at that moment! You will see automatically how you start to come down when you change your perspective and you understand that nothing is an accident and that things always happen for a reason! Same thing with feeling down, find something that will bring up your mood back up, listen to your favorite music, go out into nature, buy your favorite Ice Cream etc. you do understand that at no time you are ever a victim of your circumstances! Claim your power again and change them!
Now this is nothing new, you probably read about this, watched a million YouTube videos on the Law of Attraction, so here is where 90% of my clients get stuck! Most people believe that abundance means financial abundance and that if they watch those videos of those people that show you their mansions and lavish lifestyle, that if you ask for 10,000$ that the money will fall from the sky, well not really…
In order to create true abundance you have to create a solid foundation in which you create abundance all around you, only and only when you are truly happy so start vibrating at a higher frequency, and then you truly have the power to attract all that is good, serendipitous events that lead to something major, people that will help you, and so financial abundance truly follows! So ask yourself what is abundance? Well abundance iis a surplus of things, so it comes in many different ways! One example, you hold the door open for someone at a store, they smile at you and say thank you, you feel so good after that you vibrate so high and create an abundance of events that follow that make you feel amazing and all of the sudden you are having an amazing day, and everything is going your way! And tah-dah! you are on a roll!!!
So how do we start creating abundance in our lives? We start with gratitude! We become aware of what we have and how lucky we are to have it! Like that great cup of coffee in the morning, say thank you for this amazing and delicious coffee! Or, I am so grateful that I have such a great family! I love my record collection, I am so grateful for it! Etc. you get the picture, if you start small and create a world of abundance around you then you start creating a better and healthier present and that guarantees you a better future, it is actually much simpler than you think! So by linking in the now and creating abundance in your present moment, your future is abundant so you basically create your own reality.

If you start with this simple step, be grateful for everything! And stay in the present moment, then you start creating what you want, so by exercising your creation muscles you start leaving the old negative patterns and start manifesting much better, so don’t just ask for 10,000$ and expect a bucket of money to fall on you, but create abundance around you and think of the 10,000$ And see how it will manifest when the time is right, it always does!

Another thing that is very important is to let go of any expectations as to when and where it should come, it does when the time is right, so the more you put a timeline or an expectation, the more that it is delayed!

Follow this steps and you will be manifesting and using the Law of Attraction like a pro!


I love you! Happy manifesting!!!!


-Ariel Vega

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